Law Enforcement

How do you safely train officers in high-speed emergency driving situations? Through simulation. Hundreds of law enforcement agencies use simulation to safely and cost-effectively train officers. The Center for Transportation Safety operates the largest mobile fleet of state-of-the-art simulators.  Using simulation, we have the ability to evaluate and train officers in:

  • High speed pursuit -- when to chase and when to pull back
  • Defensive driving
  • P.I.T. maneuvers
  • Speed/space management
  • Traction and pavement types
  • Hydroplaning

In addition, select simulators offer interactive police decision making simulations.

The Center for Transportation Safety will provide experienced law enforcement trainers, or we can train your trainers to use our simulators. We bring the simulators to your facility to maximize your training time and budget.

Let us show you how we can increase the effectiveness of your training and reduce your accidents and losses.

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Law Enforcement  

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