Accident Re-creation

It is important that companies learn from the traffic accidents that do happen, so the Center for Transportation Safety has developed a system to re-create accidents using our simulators. Near exact settings (highway, city, off-road, etc.) of the accident can be input into the simulator and combined with time of day, surrounding traffic, and other factors (animals, emergency vehicles, pedestrians, etc.) to find the root causes of many accidents.

The driver re-drives the scenario that led to the accident, recognizing and understanding the conditions around him or her in a new way. Many times an accident starts well before vehicles actually collide, when a driver displays inattention, distraction, or complacency. This re-creation process helps the driver understand the "full picture" of safe driving.

Our Accident Investigation trained instructors will take the driver through the scenario and report back to management with recommendations.

Accident re-creation is also used by legal teams to help understand the causes and responsibilities involved with vehicle incidents.